Deep Dish Heavy Duty Black FlexTough Contour Liners

All Weather Protection, Universal Trim to Fit, Motor Trend 923-BK

With us Enhanced Quality Rubber Materials have now been tested in harsh efforts to ensure people must not crack, divide, or deform.
Grip That’s Not Slippy – Thick rubber Fountain pens also on Edge to Keep the Mat in Place – Intuitive Rhythms upon that Top for Tires and Comfort
Started building to Last in Storms, Snow, Mud, and Other Situations – Built for Defense – Defend Against Spilled oil or Debris
Constructed for Compliant – Crafted to be Trimmable with a Scissor to Fit the Ground Outlines of Your Vehicle.
Prior to actually installing the new, please twice the normal sizes. – In front (30″ L x 21.5″ W) – Back (30.5″ L x 21.5″ W) (58″ L x 18″ W)

Ford Fusion Automotive Repair Type CAR, Vehicle, Station wagon, PICKUP TRUCKS LxWxH Measurements: 26 x 19 x inches Viewpoint Inside Fit Form: Global Fit

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