BDK PolyPro Car Seat Covers in Red, Complete Set

Accessories for Auto

Vehicle Service TypeVan, Double Cab Truck, Automobile

Concerning this item……

Provides protection Practices to prevent Smudges – And those are the perfect seat selections for someone new car or indeed a car you’ve not ever owned before.
In out seatbelt covers defend thier tickets from overflows and stains in your car.
Machine washable MATERIALS – To ensure your comfort during your commute home, we use specially picked materials.
The greater poly outer layer amplifies airflow, preserving visitor cooler while driving.
Stylish LAYOUT – Reload your vehicle’s image and attract some focus along way.
The said slipcover set features a fashionable multiple configuration with stitched accents, making it much easier to add a splash of colour to thier decor.
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