Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 40mm Smartwatch with ECG Monitor, GPS Fall , and Bluetooth for Health Fitness

Available in 4 colours : pink gold , black , sliver , green

1.4.2″ Circular Super AMOLED (450×450) Replete Color All On Exhibit (34.6mm)

Generally having® Lemur® Glass DX+

“Spiral Cool AMOLED (30.4angstroms)” is a codified metaphor (396×396)

Always-On Full-Color Display

361mAh 247mAh battery *Finances efficiently tested in a new samsung science lab.
A optimum range is an estimated average price based on the variation in battery capacity among the IEC 61960-tested battery samples.
This same Universe Watch4 44mm has an appraised (least) capacity of 361mAh, whilst Universe Watch4 40mm has a capacity of 247mAh.
Exact battery will vary based on network conditions, usage behavior, as well as other variables.

Coming back into fashion® Nodes can be deployed® Glass DX+ can be deployed

Rechargeable life is dependent on experimental tests and may differ based on device manager, user behavior, and operational characteristics

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